Bullywood is about to ruin yet another classic "ISHQ VISHQ". For god's sake just DON'T!!!!

Bullywood is about to ruin yet another classic "ISHQ VISHQ". For god's sake just DON'T!!!!

2 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sachin Bansode

Bullywood is left with no talent and a desire to make quick money and the next classic movie to be ruined is "ISHQ VISHQ"

The movie which gave us the sweetest actress in Amrita Rao and a dancing superstar in Shahid is now being remade in 2023 by a bunch of copy cats . 

For Gods sake, leave the name "ISHQ VISHQ" out of it. We don't want any new whatsapp jokes and cheezy one liners with some gudd public enacting mediocre scenes. Its clearly a way to bank on the success of Ishq vishq to gain some attention and then try to sell a mediocre film using the name of an old classic.


Not only are we not interested in the new so called Rebound version of ishq Vishq,but also against the mediocrity sold to the general public by bullywood.

Some of the copied/Remastered/remakesare as follows.




Umrao Jaan

Italian Job

Bruce Almighty


The list can go on and on.

Not just the movies, the songs have also been ruined almost on a daily basis .

Some Remakes/garbage lately created were a follows


Muqabla muqabla

Dus Bahane

Oh Saki Saki

Ek Toh Kam Zindagaani

Tu Cheez Badi hai Mast Mast 

Pal Pal dil ke pass and many many more

To cut the long story short, we don't want anyone messing up our Favourite Movies and songs. Every ISHQ VISHQ fan is furious right now.


 Some movies which should be left as it is are as follows


Hera Pheri

Andaz Apna Apna


Mr India

3 Idiots and every other damn movie which has already been made.

Please sign this petition and make it reach the Ministry of health and family so that some action can be taken and this problem and People of India can saved from this pandemic called Bullywood/Copywood/Remakewood.

Also if possible to write to the director @nipundharmadhikari on social media and ask him to stop this madness immediately.

@Tips should feel ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen



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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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