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BULLYING taken to a new level! The adults who never learned. Is the FEMA conspiracy FACT?


It appears that the State of Mississippi and Governor Haley Barbour have taken a position that being an 18 year home and property owner and a resident doesn't entitle that U.S. citizen the right to residency in the state. Has the governor crossed the line of mixing his elected powers with his personal feelings or beliefs? Did he put to much trust in his department heads? Evidence shows that a conspiracy existed within his own FEMA division as early as 6 days after hurricane katrina made landfall  along the Mississippi gulf coast . Does the conspiracy extend beyond that entity? Could it involve other entities within state and local jurisdictions? According to the Internal Revenue Service regional office in New Orleans LA, an agent with the Mississippi division entered James McGee Jr.'s fathers bankruptcy and other personal financial debt over his name of record creating the appearance of fraud. Was this an accident or a planned attempt to further attack the Mississippi residents reputation. A full investigation is underway.  It's time to ask the Attorney General of the State of Mississippi why was there never a formal response to a civil rights investigation request made by James McGee Jr. over two years ago and submitted to Governor Haley Barbour. Was the investigation ever performed? The damages have already been inflicted and a death has already occurred under the disaster proclamation that was attached to the state. Possibly, the first death ever connected to a disaster proclamation in history. The evidence is still secure and the senior federal officials will have to testify under oath as to what they know to be fact. It's time for the state to find out for themselves just what has taken place during the largest natural disaster in the nations history. The increased awareness over bullying and the tragic loss of life as a result is heart wrenching. This is a perfect example of bullying committed by adults who in my opinion got away with it as kids. The difference in this case is, they don't get away with it as adults. You have to stand up against it at any age.


Letter to
The Governor of MS
An in depth investigation needs to be conducted into the residential status of James McGee Jr. He has been a resident and property owner of the state for over 18 years but has been omitted from an application for disaster assistance on two separate occasions. Once in 1998 and again in 2005. He was a caretaker in 2005 of two terminally ill family members of which one, was ordered to his home and under his direct care since March,2005 by her doctor. Was Mr. McGee's name removed from his home and property deed by the entity that researches the deeds for the state? The state contends that Mr. McGee has never owned any property and is not a resident when the facts reflect a much different story. Is Pearl River County involved? The City of Poplarville? How could the local office of the Internal Revenue Service make the mistake of inserting his father's financial information onto his name of record? Evidence shows that the mistake came from the community where James McGee Jr. was a resident, according to an official with the IRS collections division in New Orleans,LA. His father is not a resident of Mississippi. It looks like there are so many unanswered questions. Who ordered who, to insert this data from within the local community considering the state insists he is not a resident. They may share the same name but DOB's and S/S numbers separate their identities. Was there any investigation conducted at all as requested? Why does a federal judge now hold James McGee Jr.? To prove he is in fact a resident of this state? The evidence is still secure and the senior federal officials will testify as to what they know to be fact. Were federal agents verbally and/or physically assaulted when inquiring over James McGee Jr.? With several federal probes currently underway, it is only a matter of time before these questions will be answered. FEMA displayed HATE, and possibly the IRS. It appears that it may have spread to reach epidemic levels throughout the state. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter. Concerned citizens of Mississippi thank you and the concerned citizens of the United States of America thank you.

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