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Stop bully's from winning

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Did you know that every 40 seconds someone dies from suicide and every 7 minuets a child gets bullied either physically, verbally, socially or by cyber bullying? Did you know that 10% of bullied teenagers attempt suicide and that a further 30% go on to self harming themselves. A study by a anti-bullying pressure group shows that 45% of 13 to 18 year olds will had experienced bullying by the time they reach 18. Everyday in Britain a average total of 30,000 children stay at home because they are being bullied at school and are scared of going out incase they see the bully's and are scared of telling anyone because they have been threatened by a bully. One thing schools don't realise is how a child actually feels about being bullied. Every year a average of 4,500 children die due to suicide (this is the 3rd most popular way of death in the usa for teenager's) and that most of this children felt like they had no one to talk to and no one there for them. Each Year bullying effect kids with a disability or because they are attracted to their own sex, these kids are seemed as different to bully's they are seen as a target and its not acceptable. Everyone is human and everyone has a heart and felling so why do we allow bully's to win, I bet if you asked any child that I still being bullied today or is seemed as different to other people all they would ask for Is for the bullying to stop and for them to be treated in a fair equal society. Theses stats on bullying are shocking and are increasing and as a society or as a group we need to do everything we can to stop it.






How would you feel if you was to be bullied toady?

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