Bully Boycott

Bully Boycott

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Together Mighty started this petition to Bully Boycott Community

We set this petition up to support those who need the help of a collective voice to stand up to oppression and bullying.

Our first project will involve supporting a small local business. Wendy’s Cafe and Juice Bar is being kicked out of her cafe in Hungerford by the billionaires who own the building. We’re asking a few local people to get involved in organising a protest and spreading a petition.

Wendy runs a small cafe in Herongate Leisure Centre in Hungerford and has served the community for years. She makes delicious soul food and has poured love and passion into welcoming and feeding all with nutritious meals and beverages. She has made the place her own with beautiful design and photography, furnishings and an area for children to play and learn.

Recently the owners of the building have given her short notice to leave with no warning because they see a more profitable venture by turning the space into their own restaurant.

Wendy has no means to fight this as the owners are rich corporate bullies and Wendy feels powerless but her customers are so shocked and upset by what has happened everyone wants to help.

Alone she is small but together we are mighty and we can raise a collective voice to help.

“Big money business bullies small local enterprise and takes over their community cafe by installing their own restaurant business in its place while masquerading as a not for profit community hub in order to gain charitable status and allegedly dodge the taxman. “

We are taking action. The petition is focused to draw the attention of the local community, Wendy’s customers, potential Herongate customers and current members to boycott Herongate, to expose the Bennett’s activities and to raise awareness for Wendy’s new venture in the local community.

If you’d like to help in anyway at all please let us know.

You can help firstly by inviting anyone you think can help to this group.

What we need:

We need the support of the local community.

We need flyers

We need placards

We need people to peacefully protest

We need to raise a petition and for you all to sign and share.

Our aim is to expose the bullies and help Wendy find new premises and build her enterprise with the strength of this community behind her.

Above all we need your ideas, time, skills and effort to stand up to bullying in our society.

If you want to get involved we need to mobilise and organise.


Alone we are small but Together Mighty.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!