Bullhead City Elementary School District put our KIDS first. Say NO to reorganization!!

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Please put our KIDS first!! Say NO to school reorganization!! 

It's apparent, from what the superintendents have stated, that one of our schools will need to be closed. However, according to Mr. Hookstra at the April 18th meeting, simply closing one campus will result in approximately the same savings ($600,000) as closing one and disrupting the remaining 5 campuses. There is no valid reason to suddenly reorganize ALL schools, and given the short amount of time they want to do this in (approximately 3 months), there is not enough information known, or being given, to justify this action. There are too many questions and no research or answers, only "we can try" or "we will see". 

Reorganization will result in:

  1. An additional school transition between elementary and high school - most likely resulting in LOWER test scores/grades
  2. Emotional distress and anxiety for students having to change schools every two years, starting at now 5th grade level 
  3. Extended length of time for our kids to be on the bus to and from school each day (Mr. Hookstra explained that the district receives money per mile, per child on the bus ... our kids will become a revenue source by being on the bus LONGER, is that really what's best for our kids?)
  4. Loss of parental involvement in school events, functions, sports, teacher conferences, PTO, etc.
  5. Siblings being spread among up to 4 different schools
  6. Possible earlier start times to allow for additional bussing (Jr high already begins at 7:15am with kids needing to be at bus stops up to an hour prior)
  7. Hardships for parents with drop offs and pick ups for students at additional campuses while also trying to get to work on time
  8. Students that are currently able to walk to and from school would be forced onto busses to get to campuses miles from their homes
  9. Loss of opportunities for students with regard to Jr. High sports - teams will be cut in half with only one 7th/8th campus
  10. Loss of teachers, not to mention the hardship it now places on some to have to potentially move classrooms they've had in place, many for years, to other campuses
  11. Further loss of enrollment, the charter schools are filling up quickly with this proposal on the table, which equates to even less funding for our schools

There are MANY other options that need to be explored that would not create chaos in our kids' lives and all of our schools, however, the superintendents have chosen not to provide logical alternatives to the school board. It is the duty of the school board to evaluate ALL available options and vote according to what is best for our children. Reorganization of our elementary schools is NOT in the best interest of our kids.

You are the representatives we have elected to speak for our children, we urge you to put them first and PLEASE VOTE NO!!




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