Bullets' Ban... NOT the Guns' Ban!

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Enough is Enough!...

Since no one can predict and/or change humans' mental behaviors, then Ban the bullets and get the bullets off the shelves and SAVE LIVES! 

Guns without the bullets will NOT KILL!

Toughest guns control laws will NOT prevent KILLING!   

Ban the BULLETS and make them INACCESSIBLE!

No Matter, how tough the lawmakers legislate the guns control, the KILLINGS will NOT be STOPPED and PREVENTED.

The President Trump has suggested putting the concealed guns on the hands of teachers!  

What are you thinking Mr. President? 

What would happened if the predator/s shoot and killed the teacher/s, and then WHAT?!!

National Rifle Association (NRA) is in the business for the PROFITS, but NOT for  SAVING LIVES!  

NRA contributed over $30 million to President Trump during his campaign! 

Don’t let NRA and it’s Lobbyists insult our intelligence.

We let the guns' collectors collect their guns, and we SAVE OUR LIVES, by NOT providing them the BULLETS to shoot.   

The bullets will be available in shooting range facilities ONLY, but NOT on the shelves to purchase!

God blessed us from malicious’ thoughts and movements.  

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