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Petition to overturn steroid kingpin Kamil Rybak's sentence for illegal bulking

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18 year old Kamil Rybak is listed by Forbes as Eastbourne's most prominent full-time anabolic steroid supplier under the age of 21. On Boxing Day 2017, Kamil was reported to police by his own family, after revealing to them that he had hidden steroid tablets in their Yorkshire puddings before Christmas dinner had been served the previous day. Among those who had consumed the Christmas dinner and the pills, was Kamil's 4 year old daughter, Kamille, who he had given birth to aged 14, making him the youngest male Polish immigrant to give birth to a girl.

His trial took place on January 4th at Lewes Crown Court, where he was found guilty of causing gains in 16 family members and sentenced to 10,240 years in a maximum security prison - one year for every muscle in the bodies of all 16 victims.

The sentencing has caused uproar in Eastbourne's gym community, who have witnessed, first hand, Kamil's remarkable transformation from mephedrone addict, to anabolic steroid addict. Many are calling for his sentence to be rebuked, though police are investigating the possibility that the uproar is a result of a sudden steroid shortage in Eastbourne, caused by Kamil's arrest.

Concerns have been raised about the authenticity of the accusations made by his family. Some believe that Kamil had angered them, after he recently started charging them for their supply in a new bid to become more independent. There is little evidence to suggest that his family are users of the muscle-building substance, however it has been pointed out by the Eastbourne Conspiracy Theorist's Playgroup (ECTP), which Kamil is a loyal member of, that many family members appear to have bodybuilder-like physiques.

Twitter has seen the hashtag #Bulk4Poland trending worldwide in support of the young man, spurring a new wave of protests for the UK Government to decriminalise the dealing of steroids by Polish immigrants.

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