Building Supply Vendors should offer deep discount to those affected by Natural Calamities

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On April 29, 2017, four tornadoes devastated Canton and several other places in Van Zandt County, (East) Texas. While some homeowners were adequately covered by insurance, many economically deprived residents were not covered by insurance at all. It is heart rending to see no roof exists for these economically deprived people. Rebuilding is especially stressful and emotionally shattering experience for this group of people as it is a large, unplanned financial burden.

Every ‘Natural Calamities’ takes its maximum toll on this group of people. Assistance to those affected can come from –

o  Government Agencies

o  Individual Contributions and

o  Vendor selling building materials

While Government agencies and Individuals are contributing towards rebuilding, we need greater vendor participation during this rebuilding effort.  

Vendors selling building and related material (from the local area) should provide a deep discount to those identified (as recipient) by FEMA or other Government Agencies for economic assistance.

Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Lowes and Lumber Companies and other vendors can provide deeply discount material by helping families not only in Canton and Van Zandt County but all those who are affected due to such calamities across the nation.

I request you all to sign this message and forward this to support the cause of those affected. Your signature will help a long way in the rebuilding effort. This request will eventually go to the regional office of the vendor’s named above.