Redevelopment of Richwoods Athletic Facilities

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As a parent of an athlete that is competing in collegiate Track & Field and a current student that competes in Track & Field and football, resurfacing the track, making much needed upgrades to the stadium area, replacing the grass areas with turf and a new sound system for announcing are much needed improvements at Richwoods High School.  This petition was started to show the Peoria Public Schools Board of Education the parental support and outrage of the conditions of the above mentioned areas.  Currently, the Lacrosse, Soccer and Football teams all compete on the grassed area.  It is proven that there are fewer injuries on turf (more cushion, better traction, no uneven areas, etc.), which will aid the students of Richwoods to compete at a higher level in high school as well as attract athletic scholarships for college.  So many of the Peoria area students rely on athletic scholarships to move on to the college level and strive to get that Bachelor's Degree.  

Richwoods is unable to conduct home track meets due to the condition of the track (patched beyond belief), runway for the pole vault and long jump and the pit area of the high jump.  Not only are we missing on the home field advantage, we are losing money with concessions and entry fees from the schools wanting to compete in meets.  Instead, we have to pay entry fees everywhere else, which costs the program more money.  The school conducts physical education classes on a condemned from competition track which could possibly be a large risk factor for injuries.  All of the other Peoria area tracks have been upgraded or maintained.  We are even upgrading the stadium for Peoria High and Manual.  Currently, NotreDame rents the Richwoods field on nights Richwoods is playing an away game in all sports.

"We (Richwoods) has earned National Honors as one of the Best High Schools in the Nation - Silver Medalist for 2017 by US News and World Reports. We are ranked 59th in Illinois and in the top 30% of the Nation. This is a huge honor and another example of “The Standard of Excellence”. Shared leadership works and the credit all goes to the amazing staff and students here at RHS." (Silver Medalist for 2017 by US News and World Reports)  If we can upgrade our athletic fields/facilities to match our academic achievements, this is a draw for students to move into the district which brings even more positive attention to the school.  

Please sign the petition in support of the redevelopment of the Richwoods sports complex area.  

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