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Build South Bend Animal Care and Control's New Shelter

  On May 25th, 7 South Bend Common Council members requested that the redevelopment commission investigate joining South Bend Animal Care and Control with the Humane Society of St. Joseph County. They are trying to avoid allocating an additional $300,000 for building a new and long overdue shelter for South Bend Animal Care and Control. Joining forces with the Humane Society would result in even fewer resources dedicated to animal welfare in our community - a community that is already far behind the curve in responding to animal welfare in compassionate and humane ways. Ask your Common Council members to support a compassionate program for our city's animals, and to support the building of the new shelter.   

Letter to
Tom LaFountain
Ann Puzzello
Mayor Steve Luecke
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Catherine Toppel
Karen White
Buddy Kirsits
Tim Rouse
Oliver Davis
David Varner
Henry Davis
As a citizen of South Bend, I care very much about what happens to the thousands of animals that enter our animal control facilities every year. I support compassionate and humane responses to animal overpopulation, and efforts to lower the number of animals that are killed in our shelters every year due to lack of space.

South Bend Animal Care and Control has been making tremendous strides in our community. They have stepped up efforts to increase their foster home network, to keep more animals out of the shelter and free up space for animals there; they have worked extensively with rescue groups, including Pet Refuge, Heartland Small Animal Rescue, and Michiana Feral Cat Initiative to send animals out to rescue groups rather than euthanizing them; and they have supported creative and humane efforts to lower the stray and feral cat population through trap/neuter/return and neighbor mediation.

If South Bend animal control services are contracted out to the Humane Society of St. Joseph County, these efforts to make Michiana a kinder and more compassionate community and a safe place for our animals will have been lost. Please, support South Bend Animal Care and Control, and the progress they're making in the fight to make sure the lives of animals matter. We encourage you to vote to fund the new shelter for SBACC, so they can continue to be a model for our animal control facilities on more compassionate care. By consolidating SBACC's services with the Humane Society, you will do a serious disservice to the animals of Michiana - the lives of Michiana's animals are worth more than $300,000.

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