Build disability accessible change and toilet facilities at South Bank Parklands Brisbane

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Would you take your shoes off in a public toilet?

Imagine being asked to lie on a public toilet floor.

Please help our family, and others like ours, continue to enjoy South Bank Parklands Brisbane by supporting our request for Change & Toilet Facilities for people with Disability. It's time for Brisbane to follow the lead of other Australian States and the world - be inclusive and respectful Brisbane.

South Bank Parklands is a haven of natural beauty with many free community experiences. However, even in 2018, Brisbane’s beautiful space has no fully supportive and accessible toilet facilities for people with disability. 

On our visit to South Bank yesterday, I phoned the South Bank Customer Service number and asked where I could find accessible change facilities for my son Tommy. It was suggested that I put my 9 year old child on the baby change table or on the floor of the toilet to change him. Given that my son is 9 years old, he doesn’t fit onto a baby change table.  Also, the facilities were not clean or sanitary, so lying him on the floor was not an option either.

In that minute, when you and your child are disrespected, your day and your mood can change significantly. Our place of sanctuary and smiles, suddenly became a place of heartache and exclusion.

It’s disappointing that we are having this conversation in 2018, but right across Brisbane the situation is the same. A disability accessible toilet is not all that is needed. Many people require:

  • Adult sized change table - height adjustable
  • Ceiling Hoist
  • Peninsula toilet
  • Shower (optional but ideal at South Bank)

It’s simple and respectful.

South Bank Parklands is a place of respite for families who visit from nearby Lady Cilento Children's Hospital and Mater Hospital and people with disability across Brisbane, Australia and the World. Without clean and accessible facilities, it becomes unenjoyable and inaccessible.

Changing Places Australia is leading the way in accessible toilet and change facilities. I ask Jonathan Sri, Jackie Trad, Graham Quirk, Brisbane City Council and South Bank Corporation to work with Changing Places Australia and families of Brisbane to update facilities urgently.  

Please support this campaign and help make South Bank Parklands a place that everyone can continue to enjoy for many years to come.