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Build Bridges to End Child Trafficking

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An estimated 27 million human beings are being trafficked in the world, many of them children ... right now, this minute. Children are being sold for sex in every corner of the world. Some children are forced into servitude as child soldiers, and others are working, often under dangerous conditions, providing cheap labor.

Trafficking knows no boundaries. It does not care about the language its victims speak, the color of their skin, or where they go on Sundays. It does not care what flag they live under, where they go to school, or how they feel about politics.

So why should we?

In order to fight child trafficking, we need to build bridges, not walls. By coming together, regardless of religion, race, culture, political boundaries, lifestyles or beliefs,  under the guidance of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as we would have done to us," we can stop the cycle.

Sign the petition. End child trafficking.

Here is the accord in its entirety :

Interfaith Accord for the Welfare of Children

WE, the undersigned, as citizens of a diverse global community, joining together to build sustainable peace throughout the world through conflict prevention, youth development, peace education, and promotion of human rights and health:

ACKNOWLEDGING the rapid increase in availability of resources, technology, medicine and information in a growing world economy and the improvements to quality of life these advances bring.

RECOGNIZING that with these advancement comes responsibility, specifically toward those supplying raw and manufactured materials, providing workforces, regulating labor, supplying arms, using the internet for commerce, and providing moral and ethical education and direction for nations, communities, and individuals.

RECOGNIZING the serious problem that millions of children from every religious and cultural background are deprived of basic necessities, dignity, education, and identity through the harmful practices of child trafficking, child rape, child slavery, child labor, child soldier, and child abuse.

BEING AWARE that it is only through proactive measures from policy makers, moral educators, schools, parents and all stakeholders to eradicate child slavery, child rape, child labor, child trafficking, child soldier and child abuse.

BELIEVING the role of the Golden Rule, which says, “Treat others as we would like to be treated,” is a practical action that can be enforced regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender and other divisive factors as a preventative mechanism.

WELCOMING the vision of the Global Network of Religions (GNRC), as a dynamic worldwide alliance of religious organizations and people of faith and goodwill and inspiring by deep conviction, compelling by a sense of responsibility to uphold the rights and dignity of children everywhere, convinced that this is the most direct path to a world of peace and justice for all.

APPRECIATING the outstanding effort of UNICEF and all organizations, religious and secular, working to create a better future for children of the world.

JOINING the network and fostering partnerships with the United Religions Initiative (URI), an international interfaith organization working to promote enduring daily interfaith cooperation; Compassionate Journeys, dedicated to creating awareness about child trafficking and other abuses against children through education, empowerment, advocacy, volunteerism, rescue and reintegration; StreetLightUSA, dedicated to stopping child trafficking and rape through awareness, prevention and direct care services; and the Arizona Interfaith Movement whose mission is to build bridges of respect, understanding, and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue, service, and the implementation of the Golden Rule, to create a better world for all.

RECOGNIZING the importance of active involvement of youth in creating a culture of peace in which children of the world can live in harmony and become leaders in eliminating war, fostering positive mutual relationships and bringing together a future where respect, acceptance and trust are a basis for mutual coexistence.

THEREFORE, as caring citizens from an array of cultural, religious (or non-religious) and educational backgrounds, hereby commit as follows:

WE commit to work together and collaborate in promoting advocacy to address the challenges related to the welfare and safety of children, and to end child labor, child trafficking, child slavery, child soldier and child abuse.

WE agree to address the issue of peace, and the importance of creating an interfaith and intercultural constructive dialogue to enforce a harmonious and peaceful world for all children, committing ourselves to working together for the well-being and dignity of children.

WE call upon all policy makers, religious leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders, parents, teachers, and all stakeholders to recognize and engage in practical action based on the principle of the Golden Rule to address these important issues children are facing, and to join hands in the effort of providing a better future for children everywhere.

WE call upon UNESCO, Ministers of Education, the United Nations, the African Union, United States Congress and all relevant authorities to incorporate peace education, based on the universal principle of the Golden Rule, into the curriculum of all primary, secondary and post-secondary schools to promote understanding, trust and respect for all.

May peace prevail on earth.

Done in the United States of America, August 13, 2012, on behalf of delegates worldwide.


Signed by:

Ambassador Mussie Hailu
Regional Director of United Religious Initiative for Africa
and Representative at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Dr. Paul Eppinger
Executive Director
Arizona Interfaith Movement

Lea Benson
President and CEO

Amanda Christmann Larson
Executive Director
Compassionate Journeys
Founder, Babes Blocking Traffic









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