Build a new Suitland High School

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Build a new Suitland High School

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It’s time to rebuild Suitland High School! Our students deserve a safe, modern, and healthy educational setting that will prepare them to compete and thrive globally.

We will no longer standby and watch as other schools are built/renovated while our 60+ year old school continues to fall apart.

We want to give our kids the tools needed to excel and a chance to win in a world that’s already counting them out.

In its current neglected condition, SHS continues to produce countless entrepreneurs, professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, doctors, and more. Imagine what we can do if we had the same resources made available to us as other schools in Prince George's County.

This is why we are petitioning for Prince George's County to build us a new school. We want our share of the pot that we’ve been denied for far too long.

We want Prince George's County to build us a new school…

...that will win awards for its Platinum Leed Certification to show our strong commitment to green initiatives and place us on an elite list of trailblazers in the world of sustainability.

...with a new sports complex for our championship winning athletes inclusive of an olympic sized swimming pool that will truly exemplify the legacy of Coach Nick Lynch.

...with an auditorium enhanced with state of the art lighting and sound equipment for our Visual & Performing Arts students to showcase their talent, and serve as a first-class music, entertainment, and community use venue for private events that will generate revenue for SHS.

….with State of the art research labs equipped with incubators, Electrophoresis systems, solar telescopes and 3D printers for our future scientists/engineers.

...with private study/tutoring rooms and upgraded computer labs in its library.

...with a radio station, recording studio, and private practice rooms for our musicians.

...that existing and prospective students of SHS can be proud of. A place that they’re excited to go to because they can see the endless opportunities.

If you think it’s time to see a brand new state of the art Suitland High School.

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This petition had 278 supporters

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