Build a bridge over South Carolina

Build a bridge over South Carolina

April 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by James Coleman

South Carolina is absolutely terrible to drive through.

The only possible solution is to build a 300 mile bridge over the dreadful state.

The bridge would be around 200 feet over I95 from Georgia to North Carolina and vice versa.

There would be two lanes on both sides going opposite directions totaling to four lanes.

No stops, so make sure you’re fueled up. On and off-ramps are strictly for emergency use. This will be a straight drive over, so you never have to touch South Carolina soil. Just in and out, over and done.

No tractor trailers (Semi trucks or any of the kind).

No trailers.

No boats or anything attached to pickups.

(Boats are prohibited to sail on this bridge.)

The price estimated for this project would be a measly $25 billion. The bridge should pay for itself within five years with a $21 toll per person. This toll would remain for maintenance and emergency purposes once the deficit is payed off.

These are problems that South Carolina has ignored, so we now must count on the other 49 states to support this petition and coerce the government to take on this monumental expedition. If we lose this petition, the South Carolina drive will forever be a hindrance to the good people of our country who are blocked every day by this large-for-no-reason state. 

With enough votes, at least one politician will see this.

We can do this America!


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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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