Build a bridge between Riverhills and Bellbowrie. So we can get over it.

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  1. Currently the govenment are looking are builiding the bridge from weeks rd Bellbowrie to Wacol jail/ train station. Foot bridge/ some transport.

We need better access for ambulance and emergency vechiles to protect our loved ones. And seeing as the public have protested the mogill ferry bridge and the Bellbowrie to Riverhills bridge. It seams that the wacol jail bridge is what they are settling on. 

Let your local politician's know we want a car bridge going from bellbowrie shopping center (coles) over to Riverhills .

Article on Bellbowrie / wacol bridge.

The RACQ supports a single-lane road bridge stretching from Bellbowrie at Birkin Road to Sumner Road at Riverhills with a wide cycling and pedestrian path.