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Petitioning Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Gary W. Loveman and 4 others

Buffalo Studios (Bingo Blitz) and Caesar's Interactive Entertainment: To stop their bottom line of greed and outrageous profit agenda.

It is about morals. It is about ethics. Bingo Blitz used to be a great interactive game format until Buffalo Studios were bought out by a casino company, Caesar's Interactive Entertainment, and the quality of the game has been on a fast downward spiral track since then. We demand restoration.

Letter to
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Gary W. Loveman
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director Mitch Garber
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Donald Colvin
and 2 others
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Craig J. Abrahams
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Michael D. Cohen
As always, there are reasons when the community get together and protest for change toward positive treatment. This is the time for such protest against Buffalo Studios (the entity that owns and manages Bingo Blitz) and demand reasonable changes in order to satisfy both free players and paying customers. Update - This is now also include the parent company of Buffalo Studios, Caesar's Interactive Entertainment.

1. The tipping point in which caused the worldwide uproar protest movement is Buffalo Studios' admission to “auditing” accounts. It was first announced on the social network, Twitter, but since then been silenced by the executives, employees, representatives, moderators and volun-teers. Buffalo Studios have the capability to audit (IRS Style) anyone and everyone. The following statement was what were said...

“@BINGO_Blitz – We audited and discovered some erroneous values in some players' inventories. These values have been adjusted accordingly.”

1. What happened since then and continue to happen today has been considered immoral, unethi-cal and even illegal (since many of the players are paying customers). Buffalo Studios are se-verely reducing (taking away) from players considered to either have too much credits, coins, keys, powerups and/or collection items. They may have intended to deal with the few cheaters using using cheat programs to alter the game, but their announcement has broad definitions that innocent players and paying customers are also being punished simply for rightfully having lots of their own supplies.
2. Buffalo Studios do not take into account that many players do save up on their own supplies and many players do buy to stock up. There are no set rules or policies prohibiting players from having too much credits and coins, for example, and nothing is written in stone that players must use/exhaust their supplies during certain timeframe. Bingo Blitz uses the Gifting of Collection Items system. Buffalo Studios do not take into account that players do earn multiple of each items. There are trade groups on FB where team Administrators have hundreds, or even thousands, of items that were gifted by members in order to help other members. It is wrong for Buffalo Studios to judge players on how much they have, because 99% of us obtain our supplies through hard work and/or money.
3. We ask Buffalo Studios to stop the audits on innocent players and paying customers. We ask Buffalo Studios to restore everything that was stolen (taken away) from us. We ask Buffalo Studios to respond to all support emails/tickets and responsibly deal with it. We ask Buffalo Studios to only responsibly audit a suspected cheater through thorough investigations with no rush-to-judgment and harsh reductions/removals. There are not a single rule/police set forth declaring that we can not have unlimited stash of our own supplies, therefore we should not be punished with outrageous audits.
4. Expand! Like all other companies out there, expand the support system! Buffalo Studios are to create a Billing Department that can better serve their customers. Their current support system does not work. They demand proof of evidence from customers all the while they are capable of verifying payments on their end. Their actions are wrong and illegel...and they know it! One example, a player bought $100 worth of credits, but such credits were not given. What was the response? At first, generic. Then they demand proof of receipt. Players even provide proof of bank statement, etc, but Buffalo Studios refuse to acknowledge and promptly provide the paid credits or issue a refund. They can do it, but they just won't. Greed and profits are Buffalo Stu-dios' bottom line. They lack the Billing Department that is vitally basic to all support systems dealing with monetary transactions. They lack the telephone support service. Buffalo Studios have the capability to audit, but why do they claim not being able to see and verify payments received on their end? Why do they demand their own customers to provide proof of purchases? Why do they continue to deny assistance? All the more reasons to have a dedicated Billing Department to handle such claims.
5. Censorship! STOP THE CENSORSHIP! Buffalo Studios manages a forum for Bingo Blitz, but they instruct their moderators to heavily censor their players and customers. Some areas, such as Issues/Bugs, many posts never go beyond being approve through the moderation phase. Other areas, such as Feedback & Suggestions, the posts are constantly deleted and/or topics locked. This is not the way how a forum is suppose to be managed! It is no wonder why the forum has very few is because of the censorship! These are posts that are profanity-free and valid discussion. For example, there was a post that asked about the process of auditing, concerns and request for clarifications, but it was quickly deleted. Why? They refuse to deal with it and most other things.
6. Fix the game! Stop adding more rooms and features. There are a lot within Bingo Blitz that needs fixing. Numerous errors. Prizes not accurate and/or given. Make the games more fair and reasonable. Listen to our pleads! Do not ignore us! (More to be added as group discussions continue)
7. Do not lie to us! We, as free players and paying customers, are not stupid. Buffalo Studios, don't you ever lie to us. Not now, not ever! One example, the free Daily Spins used to be unlimited to receive until the recent change to 25 free spins per 12 hours that we can receive. It was posted on your forum why this change was done. Your response? It has always been that way. LIE!!! Lying to your players and customers are totally unacceptable.
8. Resolve the issues with our Gift Inbox. Right now we are limited to receive credits, powerups and keys from only 5 players per 12 hours. Buffalo Studios encourage us constantly to add teammates, but we can not fully appreciate the benefits of the Gift Inbox due to massive backed up overflow of items we can not claim. The bingo rooms in moderate and high levels are expensive to play, therefore we rely on our teammates for the daily gifts. We must be able to access more than the severe current limits. With our continuous pleads, Buffalo Studios continue to ignore us. At least agree to a compromise that we can claim/receive more daily gifts within lesser amount of time as we level up. It is unreasonable to deny us gifts from our teammates and to force us to wait a long time in between gifts.
9. Adjust the team credits. Many of us claim all 5 bags within 2 or 3 days, some sooner. We are then forced to wait an entire week for a reset. Buffalo Studios are to compromise by allowing us to at least continue claiming our team credits at least up to 5 times weekly.
10. We demand the additional digit display for the total amount of Credits we have in stock. Right now, we can only view 9,999 with no confidence of proper functions with additions and deduc-tions throughout our gaming experience.
11. Buffalo Studios, we plead for improved benefits for the Elite membership. As of right now, the advertised benefit of 12 free Powerups monthly are not given as promised. Many players as Elite members have differing opinions for the overall improvement of the Elite membership. Please listen to us. Every time a new room opens, a random gift for the room are given free to Elite members. However, it has been reported numerously that not all Elite members are receiving their gift. Fix this! Most of the rooms that opened has not been opened to Elite for the special first-week preview access. Make it so! Another benefit advertised for Elite membership is new rewards monthly. Clarify that and make it happen!
12. Back to the partial topic of audit. As stated, Buffalo Studios have the capability to audit. This means that their system do record activities throughout the players' accounts and it is how they audit by researching the players' histories. Now because of that capability, we plead Buffalo Studios to be fair and show compassion when responding to support tickets/emails when players win collection items, credits, and/or coins, etc...but was not given their rewards. The support techs are capable to adjust inventories and supplies. We plead to Buffalo Studios to instruct their employees to work with their players and customers.
13. We plead to have higher rooms to also include additional daily credits, because one-time payout are simply not enough. At this time, the cap for the daily credits are 107. The cost of 4 cards in certain rooms are 100 credits! This severely limit us playing time daily unless we save our credits. However, we are punished for saving our credits as evidence with the action of auditing. This is a scheme that forces us to buy credits in order to use them quickly since rooms are at higher costs and forbidding us from saving our credits. The high costs for cards in higher rooms (plus newer rooms, Vienna and Treasure Cove) are erroneous! We ask for these costs to be reduced to reasonable rates and make the game more fair and enjoyable.
14. Improved customer services. We are tired of receiving generic responses and countless ignored requests, emails and pleads for help. This has got to be changed! Expand the customer services department, hire more employees to handle the demand and actually work toward improving the quality of treatment toward players and customers. Stop demanding players and customers for proof of purchases and evidence when it is obvious that Bingo Blitz support team are capable of verifying payments and account histories. Even when players and customers provide such requests, responses are constantly dropped with no further correspondence.
15. There are laws and regulations protecting customers when monetary transactions are conduct-ed. It is highly known that many customers are not receiving what they had paid for (Elite membership, credits, coins, etc) and they email for support, the customers are either getting generic or zero response and never reach resolutions (awarded credits, awarded coins or complete refund). What Buffalo Studios are doing is considered illegal and fraud.
16. Fraudulent advertising. Buffalo Studios maintain that the Bingo Blitz game is entirely free and that no one is forced to pay for membership and/or in-game goodies. This is false. Bingo Blitz is more the way of "Free to Try" and "Pay to Play" game as evidence due to actions done by Buffalo Studios. As players increase their levels, the game become more difficult to continue (expensive rooms, etc) and are indirectly/sneakily forced to purchase more credits and coins to continue. If players refuse to purchase credits and coins while opting to save their credits and coins for weeks/months, they are penalized by Buffalo Studios by having their credits and coins taken away (stolen). When players email support to receive their credits and coins back, Buffalo Studios demand the players to provide proof of purchase. The evidence is strong that Buffalo Studios do not like inactive players saving their credits and coins for long periods of time. This has got to stop. Mistreatment and abuse of players for trying to remain as a free player will not be tolerated!
17. Glitches. Any glitches within the game are not the fault of the players. Stop using numerous excuses of glitches for reasoning to destroy the players' inventories and supplies. If there are truly a glitch discovered by Buffalo Studios, fix it, but do not penalize the players! Most of the "announced glitches" are stated by Buffalo Studios with no specific details are obvious "ploy glitches" aka "made up glitches" to falsely use as reasoning for taking away what the players and customers earn through the game. We demand that Buffalo Studios penalize only the persons that cheat/exploit the game and/or glitches; do not penalize honest and innocent persons.
18. Popups loading in game. Buffalo Studios have continue to ignore numerous requests for check option of "Do Not Display Again" to be added to all popups. Enough is enough! We are fed up with receiving/viewing the multiple popups constantly every time we load the game. Many players report lag, freeze and being kicked out when multiple popups occur on their slower devices. Stop slamming us with popups that we already know and have seen many times. It is so painfully obvious how easy it is to implement such option for us to check to not display again. Listen up, Buffalo Studios!
19. New rooms for Elite membership early preview access. Buffalo Studios advertise that paying for Elite membership will entitle "one week early preview/access" for new rooms. However, we continue to witness that this advertised benefit/promise does not hold true. Several rooms have been opened without providing the Elite members the opportunity to play and/or complete during the first week before opening to the mass public. This has frustrated numerous Elite members, but Buffalo Studios continue to ignore their pleads.
20. Closure of temporary/seasonal rooms. One example, it was announced by "Buffalo Jeff" on the Buffalo Studios forum that the 4th of July Cookout room will continue throughout July into August. However, this did not held true for that seasonal room. No warning, announcement and standard room closure countdown was given! We demand that we are given truthful information and prompt warning at least a week in advance for the finalized date of closure for seasonal/temporary rooms. When we are told information, it just can not be suddenly changed without warning leaving many players devastated not being prepared enough to finish up donations, trades and completions.
21. Treasure Cove (High Rollers). One word. FAIL! Read the numerous negative feedback re-garding that room and seriously change. There are so many things wrong with that room, so do your job and read every negative review/feedback on that room through Facebook, Forum and App download page. Another room to receive the official Fail grade is the Elvis Backstage having half of the items forbidden from being able to send/trade.
22. Implementing new features. We have noticed the trend that when new features are implemented that benefit solely for Buffalo Studios and its parent company, Caesar's Interactive Entertainment, it is done immediately and imposed upon millions of players and customers (for example, nongiftable items forbidden to send/trade). But when features have been suggested by the majority, employees and developers at Buffalo Studios sit on them for many months doing absolutely nothing. The Elite membership has also been suffered with constant hard blows with lack of improvement to benefits and perks for paying customers.
23. The trend toward nongiftable collection items. We are noticing the trend of new rooms (and the possibility of current rooms) having items forbidden from being able to send/trade. We understand the reasoning behind the decision due to too many players completing rooms without playing, but the decision has been to the extreme thus compromising the Elite membership. In no way should the Elite membership be forbidden from sending/receiving/trading collection items and that this will be an attractive perk for being an Elite to have the ability to send/receive/exchange items. We demand that Elite members are able to move their earned collection items around freely with other Elite members for nongiftable items.
24. Refusal to provide XP. In games, we earn XP from daubing squares to increase our levels. However, we are being denied the benefit of XP in tournament games. We ask that at least 20 XP are to be provided for tournament games. If the people at Buffalo Studios are frightened by this, we plead to have this feature to be considered at least for Elite members (another attractive perk) if this feature is to be denied for the general free players. We also ask that XP are properly given when we use Free Spins in Slots.
25. The majority of the 2,000,000 active players and customers (note: the count is on the decline and the "4.2 million" Likes are rigged) are not pleased with Caesar's Interactive Entertainment's handling of Buffalo Studios and its Bingo Blitz division. We demand that CIE sell the entire Buffalo Studios back to its previous owner(s). CIE has been destroying Buffalo Studios' reputation and the soul of Bingo Blitz with their destructive demonic ways typically associated with casino companies. The decision to sell out to a casino company has been clearly shown to be destructive. If CIE do not drop Buffalo Studios anytime soon, we fear the total destruction of its Bingo Blitz game division.
26. Ever since Caesar's Interactive Entertainment (greedy casino company) took over Buffalo Stu-dios and its Bingo Blitz division, the amount of Facebook Likes on the official fan page has been dropping rapidly. However, we noticed that the Likes count has been suspiciously in-creasing despite the rapid decrease of Actual Likes and Actual Players. Rigging the amount of Likes will not be tolerated! We are aware of ways where companies are able to buy the amount of Likes to put on a pretend front of trickery. Additionally, there has been confirmed reports of invasive popup demanding players and customers to "re-Like" the official fan page after dis-liking. This will not be tolerated! We have the right to not want to Like a page, therefore we demand the operation of forcible popup begging for us to Like to cease and desist. We demand Caesar's Interactive Entertainment and Buffalo Studios to accept the fact that there are millions of less players and customers than currently correctly fix the amount of Likes to accurately display the correct numbers (it is around 2,000,000 or less).

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