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Include the BPTO in the District's Parent Involvement Policy and in District Shared Decision-Making

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The Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization (BPTO) is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children in Buffalo Public Schools by fostering relationships among parents, administrators, all school staff (employed and volunteer), and community members. In order to facilitate student success within the Buffalo Public School District, voices of all members of the community must be engaged through ongoing relationships. Thus, it is the mission of the BPTO to initiate, support, advocate, for and recognize positive projects, programs and accomplishments of the students and schools.

The BPTO represents many parents District-wide. The BPTO contact list consists of over 1000 individuals, a majority of which are parents. We meet monthly and have over 100 active members. We have had parents from almost 40 different schools attend our meetings. Last June, the BPTO hosted its second Family Night at the Zoo, which was attended by over 5,000 Buffalo students and parents.

The BPTO requests that the Buffalo Public School District provide fair, consistent, and inclusive policies in support of all District parent groups, in order to advance parent and family involvement. We request that the District take a lead role in the revision of the District Parent Involvement Policy and commit to working toward a policy which is inclusive and fair. The BPTO requests parent representation to advise the District in shared decision-making. We propose that the District establish a Parent Education Advisory Committee (PEAC), made up of three parent-only representatives from each District-wide parent group.

The BPTO has its own mission, purpose, and organized structure, and therefore, we have a right to exist, independently, with an equal parent voice and representation.

The District is far too large and diverse to have one parent and one parent group represent the voice of all parents. Public participation is necessary in a public education and we demand that the community have a say in the future of our schools. This includes maintaining Public Participation at BOE meetings.



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