Help Stop the deportation of Lorenzo: a Husband, Father & Business Owner

Help Stop the deportation of Lorenzo: a Husband, Father & Business Owner

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Melanie Ramos started this petition to Buffalo Field Office and

My name is Melanie Ramos. I am the wife of Lorenzo Ramos Carrillo. My husband is currently being detained for deportation at the Batavia Deportation Center under the supervision of the Buffalo, NY Field Office. My husband came to this country undocumented 15 years ago from Guatemala after fleeing violence. 

We met in 2008, we lived across the street from each other. I was a single mom with a 3 year old son and Lorenzo immediately took him under his wing as a father figure. In 2009 we had a son together. In October of 2015 we married. My oldest has grown extremely close to Lorenzo, and he is the only father who has been in his life. Both kids are devastated at the thought of their father leaving. They have never know a life without him. All of Lorenzo's family is in the US. He has no one in Guatemala to return to. 

Lorenzo started a Landscaping business in 2009. It started out small but currently he has over 400 customers and employs 3 workers. If Lorenzo is deported, those workers are now without a job. I also have a full time job and am not able to keep the business going myself. I also do not make enough to cover the mortgage, two car payments, bills, school supplies. Knowing he is leaving and not having him here to continue supporting our family is causing me extreme stress. 

Lorenzo has made many friends in the Syracuse community. He plays soccer and helps kids who need soccer supplies or funds to play in the tournaments. 

I've seen many comments asking why Lorenzo just hasn't applied for citizenship yet. There is no path in place to obtain permanent residency aka green card, let alone citizenship for a person who has crossed into the United States without authorization. The options are asylum, if you have a case for it, and a judge approves it. Ours was denied. The only other option for us is to ask for a stay of removal which is a 1 year repreave from deportation, that you reapply for each year. A stay of approval still does not offer him a way to get a green card and citizenship. We have spent 10 years fighting and more than $20,000 between ICE & lawyer fees for him to stay. If he ends up being deported, the last resort for us is to apply for a hardship waiver, where I have to prove to the government, that I will suffer extreme hardship with Lorenzo not with me in the United States. This can take several years to get seen by an immigration worker, as there is a huge backlog. And it is up to the immigration officer if your case is enough of a hardship to be approved. 

Losing Lorenzo, will be a loss, not only to his immediate family, but his friends, customers and many supporters. 

If anyone can and is willing to help, please sign this petition.  You can also mail or email them below:

Buffalo Field Office 250 Delaware Ave 7th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14202 or call 716-464-5800. They can also be reached via email at    

 Alien Registration No. 089-002-626  

Email Script:

To Elliott McDougald 

Please stop the deportation of Lorenzo Ramos Carrillo A089-002-626 currently held in the Batavia Detention Center. Please release him under order of supervision and approve his stay of removal.



Phone Script: 

 "I am calling on behalf of Lorenzo Ramos Carrillo, A# 089-002-626, who ICE detained on June 4th. He is married to an US Citizen, a father and a business owner. Approve his stay of removal and release him immediately"

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!