School Uniform Withdrawl petition

School Uniform Withdrawl petition

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Samantha Watts started this petition to Buddy Mincey Jr. and
Ok guys. My beautifully intelligent child has worked very hard with researching and putting this together. Keep in mind this wonderful little girl is in the 4th grade. The idea, the research, thought, and work that she put into this is just plain amazing to me. I am so incredibly proud. Please show your support in her endeavor. By signing her petition and spreading the word. If you take the time to read what she is attempting to bring to the attention of parents and those in charge I think you will find it quite compelling. Right now there will be copies of the signature pages available at the school, in the meantime I will work on getting it up on to make it easier as I am not sure social media comments will count towards her required signatures. Thank all yall in advance for your time and support!!!!!


There are many reasons school uniforms should be removed, but I will be naming the top reasons for this petition of withdrawal.

· School uniforms can be detrimental to adult development

Uniforms can effect the personality of kids who can not express who they are now, they might not see it fitting to in the future. This also tells the kids that they can not make decisions on thier own so in the future they won’t be able to either .This can also lead to identity or role confusion.

· Uniforms can effect self image

Females can feel embarrassed about thier self image, especially growing up. As adolescent's we worry about what we wear, and how we look in it. Imagine trying to think positively about yourself in bland uniforms that allow for very little leeway in finding something that works for different body types. Males also have almost exactly the same issues when trying to feel confident in themselves when they have absolutely no say in the clothes they wear among their peers daily. All of these things can seriously effect the way children grow up to view themselves and the choices they make.

· Reasoning for having uniforms in the first place

In 1999 the Livingston parish school board voted in required uniforms parish wide. Some of the reasonings behind this were:

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· Children coming from lower income homes could not be singled out due to the type or brand of clothes they were wearing, which would in theory cut down on bullying in schools.

· Uniforms would save the parents and guardians of children in the parish significant amounts of money each year.

· There would be less distraction within the teaching enviroment.

· The actuality of uniforms today.

In nearly twenty years later, we have seen most of these theories disproven and some all out wrong.

Children from lower income families are still singled out, because of the quality and condition of their uniforms. Which in turn did not lower the rate of bullying. In fact the opposite is true. Incidents of bullying increased by as much as 12% after uniforms were made mandatory. Students cannot always find a proper fit in the uniforms for their body type and are there for singled out and bullied.

As far as uniforms saving parents and guardian's money this has also proven untrue. Parents must purchase both enough uniforms for school often several times a year as children grow out of them quickly, however parents must also purchase clothing for outside of school. This includes afternoons, weekends, holidays, and summer vacation. This in fact causes parents to spend double than what they would have to if there were no uniform policy in place.

Uniforms have had no effect as far as distraction in the teaching environment in either direction.

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· Uniforms Violate the first amendment of the constitution

“The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees one the freedom of religion, assembly, and right to petition. Most importantly, it assures a citizen’s freedom to expression. Unfortunately, this is inherently violated by requiring the students to wear uniforms.”

While the adolescents required to wear the uniforms are mostly minors, it does however effect the way our constitution is viewed by its upcoming generations. Teaching our children that their rights can so easily be thrown away can lead to larger problems in the future.

In conclusion I move that we retract the decision to make uniforms mandatory in Livingston parish, not just because we do not like them, but for all of the important points listed above. I ask for your support in making these positive changes to our educational experience and investment in our future ability to make choices for ourselves rather than conforming to conditions that have been placed upon us that are no longer relevant due to the reason also listed above.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Luna Olivia Watts 4th grade student of Maurepas high school in Livingston parish Louisiana.

I found most of my information on list land, and the website for Livingston parish school board. Top ten reasons school uniforms should be banned. Do not get me wrong dress code is a big yes, but the mandatory uniform policy is a no in my opinion. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.

School uniforms becoming non-maditory, in public schools.

I started this petition because...
My name is Luna Watts, I am a 4th grade student at Maurepas High School in Livingston parish Louisiana. As a person a hope to leave the world better than it was, I also hope to make life easier for my peers and to not see them getting depressed or bullied at school and I think this would be a big step in helping that problem.
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