Stop Singapore Breaking Religious Human Rights Forbidding Buddhist Monks to do Almsrounds

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Matthew Ang
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I would like to ask the Buddhist people of Singapore, and of the world, to group together and file for the right to demonstrate against the law which forbids Monks from begging for alms.

International human rights law lays down the obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.

This is a Religious Human Rights breach of International Treaty with the U.N. for it is a direct religious human rights offence and breaks the united nations rules about allowing devotees or ordained members of UN recognized religions to preform their practices according to their religious canons. Singapore needs to forbid non ordained street beggars if they wish, but for 'monk passport' holding members of the Ordained Buddhist Sangha, there needs to be an exemption. It is one of the compulsory practices of a Buddhist Monk to wander and beg for alms. To remove this right is to restrict his religious freedom, in a much more serious way than to restrict non ordained devotees. it is a law which directly causes every Buddhist Monk of Theravada tradition in Singapore be forced to break the rules of the Buddhist Canon on a daily basis. 

Anybody willing to join in this plan to file a court order under the Human Rights laws of Religions which Singapore has. It is the monks job to be a mendicant.. not to sit  in the temple waiting for you to fill a table for him.. he has to wander and beg... A Buddhist Monk is a Mendicant, and Singapore Government is committing a Human Rights Crime against Buddhist Sangha forbidding them to practice their religion as decreed by the Buddha and the Vinaya Pitaka. Only Singapore forbids Theravada Monks their right to practice almsrounds. It is an abhorring abuse and restriction of religious freedom.

The alms round was, for the Buddha, a key feature of the monastic life and the alms bowl is, for all Buddhists, a symbol of the monastic order. The Pali word for alms round is pindapata, which colorfully means “dropping a lump,” describing the process whereby food accumulates in the alms bowl. The tradition is that monks or nuns leave the monastery, or wherever they are dwelling (most ideally, the root of a tree or a cemetery), either singly or in a group. As a group they walk single-file according to seniority, that is, ordination date. The robes are arranged formally, covering both shoulders. The monks walk barefooted into a village and then from house to house, not favoring rich or poor neighborhoods, accepting, but not requesting, what is freely donated, that is, dropped into one’s bowl.

This has been the practice of mendicant monks for 2500 years, and Singapore is disrespecting the rights of Buddhist Theravada Monks to practice the duties of their own Canon.

How to make a change?

Firstly sign this petition so we can get a million signatures or more if possible, to file with the affidavits which will eventually be filed to send to the United Nations to demand their support and to demand sanctions on Singapore until this Religious Abuse of Buddhist Monks ends.

Write to the Human Rights Section of the United Nations to complain

Write to the Prime Minister of Singapore to Complain

Write the the Ministry of Arts and Buddhism in Thailand to Complain

Write to as many News agencies as possible and also to Buddhist Blogs and websites and to Human Rights forums to spread knowledge of this Religious Abuse

Write to the Singaporean Ministry of Justice to complain and explain how and why they are committing religious human rights abuse.

Write to and ask them to include this matter in their yearly reports on Singapore

share this to Facebook, Twitter, and to any Buddhist Forums you may frequent.

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