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It is not 'slandering the Sangha,' nor is it 'divisive speech,' to address wrong-doing that is real. We need to know the truth. Any wrong actions need to be cleanly named and addressed, for the Sangha to then heal and purify itself. If this cannot be done, it will simply add to a growing crisis of trust and credibility in the Buddhadharma worldwide.

As several well known Buddhist teachers have recently been exposed for this kind of misconduct, it is urgent to settle this compassionately and with respect to the victims. None of those who brought these allegations forward would have done this frivolously, or without careful reflection. The risks are too great.

'Not Disrespecting Women' is specifically mentioned in the '14 Basic Commitments of the Tantric Samaya Vow'. Dagri Rinpoche needs to be held accountable for his actions, both legally, and according to the trust that the FPMT students and organization have put in him. "Respect" for lamas should not put lamas above the standards set down by Buddha himself. It is time to show the world that there is no place for any kind of abuse in the practice of Dharma. Failing to act, or to deliberately cover up the scandal when the truth is known, is to damage the reputation of the holy Dharma itself. A full investigation is needed, and the truth of these charges faced.

Virgil Pauls, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2 months ago
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