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Dance In BUCS!

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Dance is one of the biggest sports worldwide, it has many different sub-categories ranging from Ballet to Hip-Hop to Pole to Bhangra. It is a sport which unites so many students, and yet we are still not given the opportunity to compete against each-other officially! 

We are petitioning to ask BUCS to allow for dance to become a recognised sport. If we win, this will open a huge door for development within the sport at colleges and universities as dancers will no longer have to travel to several competitions per year and not have their efforts recorded. By becoming a recognised sport, dancers nationwide will have the chance to compete with achievements being recorded, and will have the chance to compete with officially the best dancers from colleges and universities around the country without having to travel several hours to do so. 

If this petition fails, we will lose the chance to develop a massive sport, which many people around the country love. Some argue that dance is an art and not a sport, we argue that it is both and it deserves to be recognised as a sport. The official definition of sport from the Oxford dictionary is 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment'. Dance is both of these and more and therefore we deserve the opportunity to find the best dancers in the country. This will allow for dance companies and troupes to find new talent that may have been lost. 

Please sign to show your support for Dance to finally become a recognised sport  within BUCS and get Dance in BUCS! and allow for the talent of this country to shine through.


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