Steven Johnson is our choice for BUCS EMG

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Steve has been an instrumental part of student archery for over a decade. He has previously spent three years as the BUTTS League Coordinator and more recently has been BUCS Sports Advisory Group Chair for the past 6 years. His exemplary  commitment and dedication to student archery has assisted the smooth running of many years of BUCS competition and he has willingly volunteered large volumes of his time both throughout his own student career and after graduating. He was also a Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympics and assisted with the archery events. He is a qualified Archery GB Judge and consistently judges both student and non-student events, including BUCS. He is widely known and liked across all student archery leagues and has a reputation for championing the student voice and promoting the BUCS values of inclusivity and competitiveness within the sport.

When he recently stepped down from his position of BUCS Sports Advisory Group Chair, to allow someone new a chance at the role, he applied for a position on the BUCS Archery Event Management Group (EMG). His application was returned with a generic apologetic email citing the high standard of applicants as a reason for not offering him a voluntary position within this group. Aside from being a gross oversight of the time and effort he has put into the sport across the years, we believe that Steve's absence from student archery would represent a huge loss to the sport and the student body as a whole. We cannot think of anyone more suitable or qualified than Steve to fill any role within the EMG and strongly advise BUCS to reconsider their decision on this issue.

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