Transition to Buchanan Parent Group

Transition to Buchanan Parent Group

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Started by Katlyn Svendsen

Dear Buchanan Elementary School PTA Members,

The current leaders of the PTA and our principal Ryan Noyes have decided to move into a dissolution process of the Buchanan Elementary School PTA and create the Buchanan Parent Group.

The Buchanan Elementary School PTA is governed by National and South Dakota PTA rules. Our PTA is accountable to these organizations for the funds entrusted to us by the parents of Buchanan. However, over the years it has become apparent that the primary functioning roles and responsibilities of our group have been made possible by the parents within the organization and we do not rely on the national or state PTA groups to carry out our functions. To expedite processes, save money, and provide more flexibility, we are recommending our organization become a parent led group outside of the official PTA environment.

We will continue to welcome new members and hope to retain existing ones. We rely on our parent community to be volunteers and serve the school, the teachers, and the students together. Buchanan Elementary School has a unique culture within the Pierre School District, and we aim to continue to foster an inviting, exciting, and successful workplace and learning environment.
All functions will continue as normal within the Buchanan Parent Group. Ultimately, we expect that nothing will change. You won’t notice us skip a beat. 100% of the funds we raise will remain in our building. These funds will be used strictly for Buchanan Elementary School and the needs of the parents, students and families. As a Parent Group, we will continue to remain transparent in all financial dealings and host open meetings.

In the coming months, we will work to create guidelines for the Parent Group to continue to adhere to successfully serve our school.

To proceed with the dissolution process, we must have a petition signed by our PTA members. Please consider signing the petition electronically. We will also plan to meet at the Fieldhouse on Monday, December 13th to answer questions, discuss, and move forward in the process.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact any of the current leaders:

Katlyn Svendsen:
Rachel Graves:
Amy Uhrig:
Maari Labrie:

Thank you!

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!