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BTS tour in Europe 2018

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Hi ! I wanted to create this petition for us, europeans. There are maybe other petitions but I wanted to make mine. I know that Europe is not a place for business and stuff for Korea, especially in Kpop, but you need to know that there are a lot of fans in Europe waiting for the boys ! I live in France and the boys came for Kcon 2016 (but I didn't know about it it was too late). So I know that the guys need to rest and I agree with it. I really had hopes that BTS would come in Europe for their Wings Tour.. It was my favorite era. I just find it unfair that some continents and countries are advantaged. I'm only an army since one year and a half but I can imagine how armies since BTS' debut feel because they never had the chance to see them. I opened this petition because WE want the boys in Europe and I'm pretty sure they want to see us too and make us happy.. Please.. Maybe in 2018? Let BIGHIT know that Europe is here and is still waiting!! If this petition does work, thank u for all the support, and if it doesnt, the only thing we have to do is.. wait. again and again. There are many people that love BTS for everything they are and everything they do. Even if they come and I'm behind the stage and really far I dont care I'll just be so happy. BIGHIT maybe knows that europeans fans want the boys, but I don't feel like they care.

I sound selfish lol, but I'm not I really want everybody to see them. How many times did I cry watching fancams from their Wings Tour.. Sorry for my broken english though

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