Keep the Big Hit intro in BTS’ music videos

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BTS is a famous South Korean boy group that is known globally and are  loved by millions of ARMYs (their fandom name).

Recently, news has been spreading about in the kpop community, and its about how they are now going to be under the company name VEVO.

This means that the Big Hit introduction that is seen at the start of every BTS music video will be removed in their upcoming MVs. 

It may not seem that huge to some people. But, to us ARMYs, they’re removing a huge symbol for us.

Yes, we are glad that they’ve been recognised by Westerners. However, removing the Big Hit introduction is sad news for loads of ARMYs. 

That introduction has been there since their very first music video, and each time we look at it, it reminds us of how BTS has worked extremely hard for a company that was barely known during their debut days.

All i want you to do is sign this petition to prevent the Big Hit introduction from being removed.

Thank you so much,

From your fellow ARMY