ARMY International Official Membership Number and Website

ARMY International Official Membership Number and Website

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Hello ARMY all over the world!

As we were the witnesses a lot of legit ARMY all over Europe and USA did not manage to get tickets for the upcoming LoveYourself World Tour due to scalpers and third sellers..

We deman from BigHit Entertainment to do something to protect all international ARMY and the only way they can do it to create safe place for us on internet and give us our official membership number that we would need to enter when buying the tickets like they do in Korea!

We do not wantsecond fancafe we just want protection and to feel safe! I know BigHit can do it if they want to!

This is not only to end scalpers but we will be more united that way and we wont strees ourselves anymore about ticketing ever again, if we lost the ticket due to another ARMY we will not be that sad or sorry, but to know we lost them due to greedy people who just want to make money out of our love for BTS, thats just wrong fam!

Please sign this petitionadn let us raise pur voice together!

I purple you