Alleviate the stress placed on BTS so they can continue to make great music for us ARMYs

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According to Jin's acceptance speech in MAMA 2018, the boys were so stressed that they were thinking about disbanding at the beginning of this year. Being from a company that is not a part of the "BIG 3", they have received so much hate and ridicule which was completely uncalled for and something they totally did NOT deserve. There have been countless hate messages and even threats from anti-fans that we are quite familiar with. It is in no way easy to produce music but they continuously produce multiple albums as well as singles for us. In 2018 alone, they have produced 3 albums as a group - Face Yourself which contains 12 songs, Love Yourself: Answer which contains 25 songs and Love Yourself: Tear which contains 11 songs. Which makes a total of 48 songs. In a year, they have produced 48 songs and this is only as a group. Imagine the amount of pressure placed on them to produce great music that people will love, to succeed and do well, to maintain a healthy public image (literally watch what you're doing 24/7 as you can't afford to make a simple mistake since you are now considered very influential and everyone is watching your every move to criticize, yes I am talking about the shirt incident), to ensure that the choreography is perfect and that they are all in sync with one another, to not get injured in order to be able to perform in all concerts so as to not let down their fans, to maintain a healthy diet so as to maintain a healthy physical appearance, etc. Also, do note that the lion's share of Big Hit's income is from BTS, which means the paychecks of the staff that love BTS and that BTS loves so much also depends on how well they perform. This is not a healthy amount of stress to bear for men in their 20s but they continue to persevere out of the sheer love they have for music and their fans that support them and help them achieve more and more and realize their dreams. I am sure that, for us ARMYs, we want BTS to continue to be a part of our lives and we also want them to be healthy and happy with their lives. This can happen only if BTS take some time off, they need to relax for at least a month so that they can continue to be the BTS that we love and adore. I know that I would not mind waiting for a few months if it meant that our boys will continue to be a part of our lives and I hope you won't either. A break is far better than disbanding. Please sign this petition if you too happen to believe that BTS is under a lot of stress and need some time off.