BT SPORTS : To take action with regards the remarks Chris Sutton made of Alfredo Morelos.

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Do you think it's ok in his standard of work that Chris Sutton who works for BT SPORTS as a football panelist.

To be IMO criticising another Football Team player as a Buffalo Brains in reference to Glasgow Rangers Player Alfredo Morelos      live on your show.

I don't think this is appropriate for a Experienced and Professional Sports Person as he is to be criticising a Professional Football Player in this manner.

Especially when you have the up and coming youngsters who may idolise one or the other person's in this topic.

IMO : As a Professional Sports Person i recommend that Chris Sutton should be showing some kind/sort of encouragement to the younger generation in this day and age especially when you may have an 8 year old watching this and not understanding what Buffalo Brains means.

So when he asks possibly his parents and they answer that Chris Sutton was talking about Glasgow Rangers Player Alfredo Morelos. But Mum or Dad he is my favourite Rangers Player as you know.

I know Son or Daughter he's only saying that because he don't like Glasgow Rangers..

Well Mum or Dad i don't like that man there that said it about Alfredo because he's my favourite player..

So off the 8 year old goes running to his/her bedroom crying and all upset for the rest of the evening because of what that Bad Man said.

So there you go BT SPORTS this is the kind of affects this could have on the younger generation with your so called staff acting inappropriately against an other Human Being.

With affect to this petition against your Member of Staff i would like to hear your own opinion in this matter please.

Kind Regards.