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Michelle Fraser started this petition to BT Sport and

Gambling has become more of a sport itself and a regular occurrence that young men and women participate in. They will put a bet on various activities, including sport. That coupled with casinos, scratch cards and anything else that involves taking a chance/gambling, can really damage lives.

Their Individual life and family life are both financially and emotionally affected. Relationships break down and sometimes for some, there really is no way out. It continues to be a massive problem here in the UK

People get sucked in with how easy it is to register and bet online. They are drawn in by adverts all over social media and in between premier games on the TV.

People like myself could easily say well  “just stop then” but when that person with the addiction gets pulled in, they start to bet, when they lose, they then bet again to try and win back the money they have lost. It really is a vicious circle. If they win once, then they think ‘I’m on a winning streak’ and the e-mails with the latest offers and free bets entice them further. 

The absolute devastating problem lies with the debts they are left with, it could be multiple credit cards, overdrafts , and the loans they then take to enable them to get out of some of the mess. Sometimes they can wrack up all of this within a matter of hours! They don’t know at that point this has damaged their credit rating beyond repair, together  with their future, their dreams and plans. This may be to buy a house, get a car, whatever their dream was is destroyed until they get back on their feet, if they ever do!

Unfortunately the banks allow overdrafts to be taken out immediately with no questions asked. Credit cards are easy in the beginning but when maxed out there is no help given. Often the gambler is so ashamed of themselves and battling with the mental health effects this brings on, their life spirals downwards and for some poor souls it can mean the end.

It affects them all day, every day, it affects their social and personal relationships, luckily some have wonderful partners, friends and family who will try to help. That’s If they can bring themselves to admit their problems and face the shame they feel, then they have a chance to survive and move forward.

It doesn’t stop there though, this is a  cruel addiction and one trigger can set it off again and again!


Facebook, Google, sky sports, BT sport and others like them really need to consider the harm this causes. The suicides it brings on.  You are already among the richest companies in the world - you don’t need to take more money from gambling sites that are preying on vulnerable people.

And in the main young people, who have their whole lives in front of them.

Please, Please sign my petition to help me try to make a difference to the peoples lives this affects.

Thank you

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