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Better Internet speed in Codsall Wood

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Living in the 21st century we rely on the internet like it was our food source, when your Internet speeds are so low that it takes around 5 minutes to load a simple Internet page or you have to watch YouTube videos on 240p because this is the only quality that won't buffer things are hard. Here in Codsall Wood the average Internet speed is around 3mbps, whether as 1 mile down the road in codsall there are speeds of around 30mbps and thousands of miles up at the moon the internet speed is also higher! The difference in speed is traumatic and is very hard to get the concept of especially when they are within a 5 minute drive of eachother. The price of the internet is still the same in both areas which is just stupid as the speeds and the quality of service are both lacking. Would you pay a builder who is poorly skilled and has a negative record the same amount as a highly qualified and skilled builder? I personally have had a very bad experience with this internet and the provider of it (BT) as in the past I have called them up to request better speeds that are liveable, they sent out a maintenance worker who did absolutely nothing, the speed of the internet was still poor and it took £150 out of my bank even though I was told that the cost would not be put in effect! What I am fighting for is to get the people of Codsall Wood decent Internet speeds, this can be done through BT inserting a fibre cable or to them simply upgrading the current cables used to transfer the internet. Thank you for your time and I hope you sign this petition!

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