Statement of support: Student doctor Jenelle Brison's appeal to restarting entire M1 year.

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The institution intends to have student doctor Jenelle Brison retake courses that she has already passed and will display two sets of passing grades on her academic transcript. These events stem from the negligence and discriminatory practices by the former Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Susan Schmidt, who incorrectly applied policy to negatively impact Jenelle’s medical education.


Jenelle was denied a make-up exam after being sick on the morning of the exam even though she had a verified letter from a physician. These events lead to her being dismissed from the University! After completing the appeal process, the Dean of BSOM has rescinded the dismissal. Jenelle should not sit through courses that have already been passed and satisfy graduation requirements. This is a call for change on ambiguous Brody School of Medicine policies that allow arbitrary decision making by administration.