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BSNL, DOT, TRAI : Raise Broadband performance (speed levels and download limits)

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During the last 4-5 years where prices of all electronic technology items have dropped , the DSL broadband plans have not changed.

In Rest of the world ,Broadband Prices have been coming down year on year and plan limits have been going up . But in India they have remained static . In many other countries , unlimited plans with speed of 10 Mbps and above , are available as basic starting plans . (e.g. Optimum Online - Long Island Service provider has plans of unlimited 50 Mbps at equivalent of 2500 Rs,

Broadband speeds and monthly download limits (at higher bandwidth in tiered plans) in India do not permit regular use of Video Calls with tools like Skype / Google Hangout . This is severe handicap to nation's productive competitive advantage in area of IT.

Another major disadvantage of low speed of broadband and low usage limits is in usage of the cloud computing. The entire world is moving towards cloud computing and poor broadband servics will deprive India of growth in this segment.

Also, in the area of Education, there are free services like Khanacademy , Coursera etc which provide streaming free Educational Courses in various areas of technology and are becoming highly popular in USA . Usage of such services is crucial to developing the skills of our youth but lack of good broadband services will hinder their growth and deprive our youth of learning and development opportunities .

India ranks towards the bottom in the area of broadband performance .Even Pakistan has better DSL plans than India . The only countries ranking below India in area of broadband peformance are the Communist , Monarchist and Dictatorial illegitimate regimes where censorship is crucial for stability of the goverenment .

The above issues would be highlighted to leaders in various Telecom departments of our Government for quick remedial action.

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