Petition update

Reached 150 Supporters today, 50 more to go

Sandeep Jain
Pune, India

Aug 25, 2013 — Hi All,

We have reached 150 supporters now .
Thanks for your support till date and for being assertive, alert, activist, ardent, avid , anxious for betterment of India.
Please do not rest content with own support , cascade to generate more support through immediate friends and family.
From whatever studies I have seen , India's broadband status is worst in terms of cost and speed among all democratic countries .

Our current political leadership has graduates of Harvard Law School, London School of Economics, Harvard Business School, Carnegi Mellon, MIT among others .

Unfortunately, none of them have any focus on this area .

We, the common man, therefore should be proud of being advisers and consultants to this league of ivy leaguers .


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