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Good Analysis on Broadband in India

Sandeep Jain
Pune, India

Aug 23, 2013 — I had been trying to explain the broadband woes to many , but wasn't quite successful . This article sums it very well .

The reason high Internet prices coexist alongside an oversupply of international bandwidth in India is because just three companies control the infrastructure to sell it — VSNL (owned by the Tata Group), Bharti Airtel and Reliance Globalcom. These three companies are the only ones that operate “landing stations” (state-owned BSNL operates one too, but for a cable connecting India to Sri-Lanka alone)

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Recently , I met a colleague who had returned after a 2 yr stay at Malaysia , where he had a 5 Mbps unlimited connection .
He never watched TV in these 2 years , he could see all content as streaming video on his Laptop .

The Long Arm Of Broadband
The Long Arm Of Broadband
sk any telecom commentator in India about the success of the industry in the country and he will probably start extolling the reach of mobile telephony in India - 500 million active connections and 15-20 million new ones being added every month.