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Coordinating HW of BSD GMSP

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We students of GMSP in Tyee Middle School and Odle Middle School honestly have too much homework. To people outside of GMSP, it is a typical stereotype implied with GMSP kids that we do not have lives. That is greatly untrue; in fact, we have many after-school activities including but not limited to family time, sports, and so on. Every day, when GMSP kids return from school, we do some homework, possibly do some sports, eat dinner, finish more homework, then sleep. The next day, we return to school and this cycle starts all over again. We should have time to rest between each school day. Without enough rest and sleep, we will not be able to focus on schoolwork. It is unhealthy for us as children, and with all of the changes we go through in our lives as we get older, we cannot constantly have a big pile of homework blocking our every path to rest. Therefore, I propose the idea of having at least the core class teachers of GMSP at each school to coordinate on when to give exams, big projects, essays, and other homework assignments.

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