Anti-Rezoning Petition on Pandion Drive for Apartment Complex

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Coastal Preparatory Academy parents and others who have a shared interest, please petition against the rezoning of the land off of Pandion Drive in jeopardy of becoming an apartment complex by signing. There are significant concerns about an apartment complex being built in such close proximity to the school.

It's important to note that there is a singular access to Coastal Preparatory Academy along Pandion Drive.  This residential corridor already supports a significant amount of traffic to and from the school for drop-off and pick-up of students. Since this is a charter school, there is no public transportation, so there are over 600 students who must be taken to and picked up from school each day, and this number will be increasing each year as new grades are added.  Students also stay for on-site after school programs and activities occurring at and in close proximity to the school, and many students live close by and walk to and from school which also poses public safety concerns. Having extraneous traffic ingress and egress from the apartment complex in an already extremely congested area will create a dangerous situation for everyone.

Statistically, with a population density increase of 192 potential residents in the apartment complex, there is a greater risk of increased crime in close proximity to the school. 

The placement of the school has already created extensive traffic issues on Market Street and for the hospital for emergency vehicles entering/exiting the hospital. As Coastal Preparatory Academy grows, the traffic problems will only increase over time.

Please sign our petition to protect the students and families of CPA by not rezoning the land off of Pandion Drive for an apartment complex. All the risks mentioned above are not ones that New Hanover County should allow under any circumstance.