A mistake that shouldn't define the rest of Enrique's life! Help the all loved Enrique.

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On the 8th of February 2018 Enrique made a mistake, he sprayed a little amount of Peper Spray to have fun at school, his action forced an evacuation of the building due to the smell and irritation to the eyes and throats of many individuals. Enrique made a mistake and  he knows that, although is too late for regret, we firmly believe that what he did on this fateful day shouldn't dictate how his adult life will go. Our goal is to try and prove that Enrique is an active helper in the school towards students, we are therefore trying to get the attention of the heads of BSB Casteldefels to make them change their mind since what they are about to do will without a single doubt impact Enrique's life in a massively negative way that we find somewhat exaggerated.

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