Say NO! to the Reopening of Gibbons Creek Coal Plant

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Keerthana Rameshbabu
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Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) and Texas Municipal Power Agency (TMPA) are considering reopening the Gibbons Creek coal plant about 20 miles from Bryan/College Station. We need to tell BTU and TMPA that we won't stand for a coal plant here now or ever!

Continuing a legacy of dirty coal by selling the plant is not the right course for Texas. Yet, TMPA and BTU are considering selling the plant to an out-of-state company in Arizona (Frontier Applied Sciences). 

Reopening the Gibbons Creek Coal Plant will only harm the community. It will pollute our air, putting us at greater risk of a wide range of health effects, including heart and lung diseases, damage to the brain, eyes, skin, breathing passages, kidneys, and nervous and respiratory systems. Exposure to pollution affects children in utero, resulting in an increase in premature, underweight, and stillborn babies. Later on in development, pollution can affect learning, memory, and behavior. 

Climate scientists agree that we must stop burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible if we’re going to have a chance of staying below 2 degrees Celsius warming, and avoid climate-related disasters.

The land that the coal plant sits on—once cleaned up—could be valuable for parks or preserves and make money for the cities that own it. Repurposing this property would capture a much cleaner, healthier and more economically sound future for our community than reopening a coal-fired plant that can only promise costly and environmentally-damaging, retrogressive fossil fuel technology for out-of-state economic gains.

Keep the plant shuttered. Protect our communities, and protect our planet.