Make Body Cameras Mandatory for Kingston Police

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Brad McKay
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Police having body cameras on their person is an incredibly important step toward ending police brutality. It must be commonplace everywhere, including here at home in Kingston. 

Firstly, police body cameras increase the safety of both the public and the police. People act differently when they know they are being filmed. Being filmed can encourage good behavior by police officers and members of the public, leading to a decrease in violence, use of force incidents, and attacks on officers on duty. 

Next, they improve police accountability and protect officers from false accusations of misconduct. They provide visual and audio evidence that can independently verify what happened in any given situation. In Texas, a police officer was fired and charged with murder after body-worn camera footage emerged which contradicted his initial statement in the shooting of an unarmed youth.

Lastly, police body cameras are a good tool for learning and have strong support from members of the public. Video recorded from police body cameras can be used to train new and existing officers in how to perform during difficult encounters with the public. The Miami Police Department has been using body cameras for training since 2012.

In short: body cameras would benefit both the public and the police and should be implemented across all levels of law enforcement.