Our ideas for an Open World Avatar Game

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We, the fandom of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra crave after an Avatar open world roleplay game to be produced. Our petition provides potential ideas for the game or series of games if they get into production. Here are our ideas:

Single Player vs. Multiplayer
In the single player mode you aim to become a fully grown Avatar (you start off without bending abilities), while in the multiplayer mode you play online and can only master a single element plus its alternate styles (aim: rank higher through fighting against players and unlock items).

Character Customization
Multiplayer: You either select 'bender' and choose one of the four elements or select 'nonbender'. In single player you have to choose your first element, that you'll activate first. Now you can optimize your character properties (see below).

  • Age
  • Haircut + hair length + hair color
  • Beard + beard length + beard color
  • Face shape + skin color
  • Eye shape + color
  • Mouth shape + color
  • Height & Weight
  • Clothes & Accessories

The location is set in the original Avatar universe, and depending on which element you've chosen you will be able to select your location (see below).

  • Water Tribes (Water)
  • Earth Kingdom (Earth)
  • Fire Nation (Fire)
  • Air Temples (Air)

Nonbenders live in:

  • Republic City

Once you've mastered one element completely, you earn one of the elements' usual transport means with which you can travel the world freely to master other elements (single player) or go on missions (multiplayer). Depending on the element you've completed, there are various transport means from which you can choose (see below).

  • Water: Ship, boat
  • Earth: Ship, air-ship, wild animal
  • Fire: Ship, air ship, wild animal
  • Air: Flying bison

You start off as a nonbender (single player) and in order to master your element, you need to find one of the four remaining lion turtles. Each lion turtle will give you one element. After gaining the ability to bend the element, you need to find the element's original masters (see below) in order to master it properly. In multiplayer you're already able to bend that element but need to find masters to learn from (These masters don't have to be the element's original masters).

  • Water: Moon Spirits
  • Earth: Badgermole
  • Fire: Dragon
  • Air: Flying bison

You can only bend water and earth when you're around the substance. Once you've mastered one element completely, you can focus on mastering its alternate styles (see below).

  • Water: Healing, Bloodbending, Spiritbending
  • Earth: Metalbending, Sandbending, Lavabending, Seismic sense
  • Fire: Lightning generation, Lightning redirection, Combustion
  • Air: Flight, Spiritual projection

A fully grown Avatar is able to ask one lion turtle for the ability to energybend (single player).

Their benefit is that they can arm themselves with bender-like equipment in order to control more than just one element. Nonbenders can choose to work with the Kyoshi Warriors or Chi Blockers, thus they're capable of temporarily taking away benders' abilities to move and bend.

Players that are controlled by the computer can be in single player: benders, nonbenders, spirits, masters, lion turtles - and in multiplayer: spirits and masters.

Weather (not sure yet)
The weather changes in single player and multiplayer mode. There is snow, rain, tornados, blizzards, sun, fog, clouds to be awaited during one year in game-time.

Levels (Single Player)
Each element takes 20 levels to master it completely.

  • 20 Levels: Master first element
  • 20 Levels: Master second element
  • 20 Levels: Master third element
  • 20 Levels: Master forth element

Once you've mastered one element completely, you can start learning its alternate styles (see above: 'Bending').

  • 12 Levels: Master alternate bending styles

After you've mastered all four elements, you need to travel to the spirit portals and visit the spirit world to find Raava and bond with her to become the Avatar.

  • 1 Level: Find Raava and bond with her

Now you are capable of entering the Avatar state when you're in deadly danger. To enter the Avatar state at will, you need to travel to the Eastern Air Temple to find Guru Pathik and open your 7 chakras.

  • 1 Level: Find Guru Pathik and open your 7 chakras

You're now able to enter the Avatar state at any moment and the spirit world when you meditate.

Ranks (Mulitplayer)
For accomplishing missions, bending moves, or winning against someone in a fight, you rank higher and the higher you rank, you unlock better missions with better rewards.

Spirits (Multiplayer)
In multiplayer, you can bond with spirits in order to learn different abilities that may or may not be out of your element. You can also level your spirit in order to upgrade abilities and learn new ones. For them to be able to bond with spirits, they need enough spiritual skill, which can be improved fighting on the spirit wilds.

Whenever you learn new moves, you can add them to shortcuts on your keyboard. Regardless of how many elements you've already mastered (single player: 4 + alternates; multiplayer: 1 + alternates), letters on the keyboard aren't reserved for only one element. By using your mouse wheel you switch between your elements or alternate styles that you already know.

Avatar State (Single Player)
In the Avatar state your bending abilities are simply stronger and more aggressive. Say, you're capable of levitating yourself 20 meters off the ground by rotating an air spout below you in normal mode - in the Avatar state you're able to levitate yourself 200 meters off the ground plus you levitate (or fly in an air sphere) while you switch between other elements.

Marketplaces sell nonbender equipment as well as bender equipment. You pay with in-game-earned coins.

Marketplaces near the...

  • Water Tribes sell: Scrolls, Spirit water, Water transport, special waterbender armor and standard armor for non-benders and other elements.
  • Earth Kingdom sell: Scrolls, Earth transport, special earthbender armor and standard armor for non-benders and other elements.
  • Fire Nation sell: Scrolls, Fire transport, special firebender armor and standard armour for non-benders and other elements.
  • Air Temples sell: Gliders, special airbender armor and standard armour for non-benders and other elements.

Republic City marketplaces sell:

  • Equalist gloves (Fire, lightning)
  • Spiritual portions (bending ability for one day)
  • Armor that shoots metal strings to climb buildings or catch enemies.
  • Special armor for non-benders and standard for benders.
  • Transport means for non-benders.

On every main city or location through the map, there will be forges where you can use found materials to improve or create weapons and armor. The main forges can be on the Fire nation capital.

Those animals which allow you, according to their size, to travel on their backs, can be used and bought as transport means (see below).

  • Flying bison
  • Dragon
  • Polar bear dog
  • Giant beetle
  • Gorilla Goat
  • Platybus bear
  • Shirshu
  • Elephant Mandrill
  • Komodo Rhino

But you can have pets too that follow you everywhere around.

  • Lemur
  • Otter penguin
  • Koala sheep

You earn coins by leveling up, accomplishing missions and winning duels against other players.

Other suggestions

  • Destructible cabbage carts.
  • Chat engine.
  • Pro-bending.