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Bryan County Sheriff's Department and Animal Control: Re-open the case of two pit bull pups murdered and dumped on Hwy 17.

Found on May 30th, these poor pups suffered a horrible, unwarranted death through no fault of their own. Monsters who can perform such a heinous act upon innocent animals, can and will at some point turn to humans as their next victim. The Sheriff's office and Animal Control both have deemed this case as closed. The issue at hand is this: the dogs were dead for days, as readily admitted by Animal Control. According to people who daily drive that road the dogs were NOT there for days. Animal Control has stated that the dogs died of injuries that are consistent with being hit by a car. In reality the dog's heads were bashed in and there were no other injuries consistent with such an incident. Recent inquires into the origins of these two pups have found these very same pups listed on Craigslist needing to be rehomed ASAP on the 24th of May. No response has been obtained from the originators of that post, and the post has been subsequently deleted as of yesterday. There is something very amiss here.  WTOC's Don Logana has been covering this story and also has his reservations concerning the official statements.

Letter to
Bryan County Sheriff's Department
Re-open the case of two pit bull pups murdered and dumped on Hwy 17. Animal Control admittedly stated that the pups had been dead for 3-4 days. However, individuals that drive that road daily have said that the dogs were not there for that many days. There is no doubt that the dogs were dead for that amount of time, but they were not dead and lying on Hwy 17 for that amount of time. These dogs were murdered and then dumped. A Craigslist ad was discovered with these very pups on the 24th of May. The ad has since been removed. Someone bashed these dog's heads in and dumped them. This case needs to be investigated!

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