Please add a 3rd Jumpseat to the new Shuttle America - Embraer 175 Aircraft flying in service for United Express.

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We, the undersigned, would like to ask our CEO, Bryan Beford and his management team, that on our 50 New Embraer 175's for United Airlines, install a 3rd Flight Attendant Jumpseat for the following reasons.

Having an extra jumpseat would also help our commuting and traveling flight attendants and pilots so that they are also able to get to work, home and travel.

On our Embraer 175s for American Airlines, having the 3rd jumpseat has often made a significant difference in the lives of commuting and traveling Flight Attendants and pilots, considering the ever increasing flight loads on our codeshare partners.

Having the 3rd jumpseat on the 175's for American has given the Flight Attendant workgroup something to be proud of over many other regional airlines, who's planes either do not allow for an extra in the configuration or who's company has not been so generous to install it.

Having a 3rd jumpseat on these planes would help increase safety by having a 3rd Qualified flight attendant on board, as soon after these planes enter service, essentially all of our Flight Attendants will be qualified on the Embraer 175.

When not in use, a third jumpseat helps to ensure that a FA can secure herself in a quick manner, should turbulence arise. For instance, if both FA's are in the aft galley and moderate to severe turbulence hits this would be a safer place than on the floor. Presently only one can secure herself, the other cannot, especially on a full flight. In such cases, it is too dangerous to attempt to reach the forward jumpeat from the aft, should such events occur. It is also usable for seating during a normal flight that does not impede a customers' use of the bathroom.

Having a 3rd jumpseat will help us to possibly in the future be able to bargain or trade with other airlines to use their jumpseats'.

This could also possilby be used for crew movement in some situations on already full flights or for charter situations, when a charter customer would requrest a higher class of service.

This will set our planes above other 175s that are on the market and could make them more marketable in the future in the aircraft resale market to future airlines.

We, the undersigned would be very grateful for having this extra opportunity to enjoy the perks of our job,

Thank you,

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