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Dogs, pigs and monkeys at GHMC Pounds(Hyderabad) survive in skanky & miserable conditions everyday. These conditions are unacceptabllly brutal, cruel & inhumane, we need to put stop to this cruelty. 

These pounds house dogs, pigs & monkeys with inadequate and unhygienic food and water for example  dogs kept in thick wired cages that are painful for them to stand on. There have also  been reports that monkeys which should be released back in the forest for rehabilitation are kept crammed in cages for days. Most of these monkeys are starved, fall ill or are dead before they can be released.

There are many instances where, dogs with infectious diseases are kept in the same cages as healthy ones, exposing them to the infection as well. Sterilizations are carried out with unsterile medical equipment and surgical incisions are stitched back improperlysince most of the vets aren’t fully trained to neuter the dogs.

The law states that these dogs should be neutered under ABC (Animal Birth Control) Program, vaccinated and released at the same place where they are caught. No dog can be killed, dislocated or removed from its original habitat.Dogs should not be confined in the facilities for more than a few days.Large cages and clean facilities should be used, with sufficient food and water should be provided to each dog. Puppies, lactating mothers, and neutered dogs cannot be picked up. Dogs should be captured humanely under the prescribed norms. GHMC pounds are not following these laws and are responsible for many stray atrocities and deaths , this needs to be stopped.Please sign this petition and push the concerned officials and organisations to restructure these pounds.

The city has become infamous for the most blatant corruption, cruelty and the he neglect of stray animals in the city.There are 05 dog pounds which are poorly managed by GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation,) in Hyderabad city located in Amberpet, Autonagar, Jeedimatla, Patancheruvu and Zumerath Bazaar. Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), Dr. P.Venkateswara Reddy is responsible for functioning of these. Recent photographic evidence proves that despite several petitions and campaigns by animal welfare groups in the country as well as around the world, as well as a written notice by the AWBI, the issue still seems to be to be overlooked by the City officials and organisations.

 GHMC Pounds (Hyderabad) need restructuring!

All updates and photographs on the Hyderabad situation can be found here:



Letter to
Minister of Environment & Forests Jayanthi Natarajan
Commissioner, GHMC Shri Krishna Babu I.A.S.
Secretary to Govt, & Commissioner, U.P.A. Municipal Administration & Urban Dvlpmnt. Dept. Vijay Kumar I.A.S.
and 1 other
Chairman,Animal Welfare Board of India Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Dr. R.M. Kharb AVSM
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jayanthi Natarajan, Minister of Environment & Forests.

Stop the brutality and negligence at the Hyderabad dog pounds
Dear Ma'am,

I am writing to you today, as Hyderabad city has become infamous for the most blatant corruption, cruelty and the he neglect of stray animals in the city. Recent photographic evidence proves that despite several petitions and campaigns by animal welfare groups in the country as well as around the globe, the issue continues to be overlooked by City officials and organisations alike.

Complaints from local Animal Rights workers and volunteers about the heinous torture, neglect and abuse perpetrated by veterinarians, municipal employees and staff at GHMC pounds have been ignored and the atrocities continue with disregard to all protests and actions. T

1. Restructuring of the Pounds: The need to restructure the pounds , with the help of regulatory boards & experts is essential. They should run as Permanant Animal Shelters,
with equate infrastructure as per the guidelines should be constructed as soon as possible.

2. Humane Society International has offered to train the staff, for which there has been no response from the GHMC – This must be undertaken immediately as the agreed upon date of 12th September 2011 has passed already Medical attention should also be provided to injured and sick animals at ABC shelters.

3. Visiting hours: for volunteers. At least 4-5 hours on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekends..Enlist the help and support of volunteers in the city with regard to feeding, catching and treatment of animals.

4. Transparency: Documentation of pound activities must be allowed.

5. Monitoring Committee: The pound activities must be monitored as per the ABC Rules prescribed by the AWBI keeping the points below in consideration:An active, strong and independent Monitoring Committee, consisting of neutral members from the animal welfare community. Staff monitoring should be given strict attention.

It’s time that GHMC and the responsible Govt. departments put an end to these horrific and unethical practices performed by GHMC pounds in Hyderabad and work together for a better future of these animals.

In anticipation,