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Murdering animals is obscene enough, but to murder them so violently is truly indefensible..NZ defend your animals not minority groups.


"Treating animals humanely, especially at the time of killing or death, is fundamental to good welfare", says NZ's National Animal Welfare Committee Chairman, John Hellstrom. LIES

He continues to say that "NZ's excellent animal health and welfare status is vigorous. The commercial slaughter code of welfare is another component to a system ensuring animals are treated appropriately from farm to folk".

It is being said that the New Zealand government shall not fight to ban Kosher slaughter (again) for at least another year may be even longer, that's another year or more of animals having their throats violently hacked at while fully concsious. This is disgusting!

Is the New Zealand government too gutless to fight for animals? Would it rather allow animals to suffer in the most unimaginable ways as long as minority groups are happy? It would appear so.

The New Zealand Minister of Agriculture, David Carter who banned the barbaric practice said, "But frankly I don't think any animal should suffer in the slaughter process". What an insult to every animal that has, and will have its throat savagely cut in the future.

NZ Agriculture Minister David Carter also stated that "New Zealand has a well-deserved reputation for animal welfare and the new code reinforces this", the code Mr Carter is referring to is the one which requires ALL animals to be stunned prior to slaughter. This is to ensure animals at slaughter ar treated humanely and in accordance with good practice and scientific knowledge.

The Jewish Community in New Zealand continues to slaughter conscious animals in the Kosher tradition, even though a new Animal Welfare Code effectively banned the barbaric practice in May this year. Kosher slaughter requires animals to have their throats cut without stunning, so animals are fully conscious during the slaughter process and feel every bit of the pain and terror of having their necks hacked at, through nerve and muscle tissue as they die choking on their own blood.

The commercial slaughter code introduced in May of this year, requires all animals to be stunned before they're killed in New Zealand, but now the New Zealand Government has reversed its decision under pressure from the Jewish community which prefers to slaughter animals in this hideous, unspeakable manner despite the new Animal Welfare Code New Zealand developed which bans the cruel Religious slaughter.

See Below:

Clearly the New Zealand Government believed Kosher slaughter to be sufficiently cruel to impose the ban; what scientific, peer-reviewed evidence has been provided indicating that it is suddenly not cruel to cut the throat of a fully conscious, terrified animal? None, New Zealand has simply caved in to pressure from minority groups.  Or may be the NZ government was not serious about banning Kosher slaughter in the first place!

It is absolutely vital that New Zealand once again fights to ban Kosher slaughter, but not in year or so it must fight back NOW, it cannot bow to the cruel beliefs of minority groups, it cannot sit back and allow the Jewish community to keep using 'religion' as an excuse to brutalise animals.

The cowardly decision to overturn the ban sends a clear message to the world that New Zealand is a country that cares very little about how its animals are treated. New Zealand's International reputation is at stake here and it must be made aware of this.

Other countries that have banned Kosher include Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, we want NZ to be the next country to ban Kosher, which is exactly what it said it would do. Then we want other countries such as Australia to do the same.

Here is a video of Kosher slaughter- watch at your own discretion;

PETA spent seven weeks undercover at AgriProcessors, Inc., slaughterhouse in Iowa.


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