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Brunswick County (NC) Sheriff's Department: Give Aaron Acosta Moreno his money and drop bogus pot charge

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Aaron Acosta Moreno was a hard working carpenter and painter with a large following in eastern NC. Aaron obeyed the law, paid taxes and was well liked by his customers. He was about to achieve his dream of home ownership and had a nest egg of $10,400 for a down payment on a property that one of his customers had offered to sell him. On the way over to make the down payment, Aaron was stopped at a road block and was asked to provide his driver's license. Unfortunately, his license had expired. The police then searched Aaron's car, found the down payment and confiscated his money. They proceeded to search his home, with his permission, and found an additional $3,000 of Aaron's hard-earned money. That was confiscated as well. The policeman asked him if he had any drugs and told him that they would tear the walls down if they had to. He had been singled out and accused of being a drug dealer because of the cash he had on hand. Aaron is an innocent man and an honest man. He pointed out a two-inch high marijuana plant that was given to him as a joke housewarming present. That's all that was found. The police didn't even know what it was. After being charged as a drug dealer, imprisoned and deported to Mexico, the struggle still goes on to get Aaron's money back and to get the bogus drug charge dropped. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Department said that all of Aaron's money had been turned over to the DEA. This is clearly a case of profiling without basis. Citizens of Wilmington and Kure Beach, NC have sent letters of endorsement for Aaron. They know him for what he is....a hard working, honest young man who didn't deserve this. Give Aaron his money back and drop the charges!

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