Keep Math 1 in Brunswick County Middle Schools

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Brunswick County Middle Schools will no longer offer Math 1 to 8th graders (first time in over 20 years).  The State Board of Education changed its policy and has mandated that 8th graders can no longer be tested twice (on the 8th grade Math EOG and Math 1 exam).  The school system does not want to lose any scores for the 8th grade Math EOG so they have decided to remove Math 1 from every middle school as a way to ensure that ALL students take the 8th grade test.   At South Brunswick this change affects 60 students.  Students at Leland Middle, Shallotte Middle, Cedar Grove and Waccamaw will also be affected by this change.  

In order to be competitive in the collegiate arena, we must ensure that our kids are able to get as many opportunities as other North Carolina counties have.  Other North Carolina counties are NOT removing Math 1 from their middle schools.  Neighboring New Hanover and Pender counties continue to offer Math 1 in middle school.  

How will our Brunswick County Students be able to compete for college opportunities within our very own state?

We want to provide a strong and challenging curriculum within our schools to provide the best advantage for our kids to be strong and productive citizens.  

We need to strongly encourage our Board of Education to keep Math 1 at Middle Schools in Brunswick County.  Removing Math 1 from the Middle Schools is a GIANT step backwards for our kids.  We are asking the Brunswick County Board of Education to do "What's Right" for the kids in our county. 




















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