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let me my adoptive monkeys

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We had 7 years the petting zoo and also the rescue station for local animals. We got the 3 monkeys because they killed their mother. We raised her with the bottle. Ginger is 4 years, has been a premature birth and comb with 5 days to us. It was not easy but we did it. Now at age 4, unfortunately, he is still no bigger than a monkey of 2 years and will certainly not more to grow. But he is in good health. Unfortunately, three months ago we had to close the petting zoo. We were able to accommodate almost all animals except the 3 monkeys and 2 parrots.When we found this restaurant in Morne Rouge with a large garden, we were very happy because at least we could keep the monkeys. they said that to us too. afterwards in the contract one said but it does not work because the grenada government does not allow this in grand anse. We inquired and even provided 4 days two of our monks to the government for an exposition at the Traite Center.Then the government said to us, we can without problems the animals in our garden from the restaurant, We should build a cage and bring the monkeys after the vet comes from the government and we get the authorization. We are the owner of the restaurant and demanded one Letter from the government. For 3 months we run from one to the other. Now we had enough. Our monkeys are in a much too small makeshift enclosure for 3 months and we have built the enclosure and brought the monkeys here 3 days ago. Now they are happy again because they are with us.

They eat properly again and their coat is shiny again. They need the pats and the attention. Wildlife is OK, but they could not survive in the wild. They are too humanized and would be shot in no time because they approach people. Also, they never learned what they can eat and what they can not. Surely we could have let them die as babies, but we're sorry, we could not do that and today if not twas will happen just that. The owners require us to remove the animals immediately from the garden otherwise. They cancel us without notice.We can not give her to anyone because no one except Bruno can come to them in the enclosure. When you are outside you can touch and caress without any problems. They love that, only in the enclosure no one is allowed in. For her Bruno is her pack leader.
We can not understand it. They do not give a damn, they are not loud, they all have vaccinations and the guests love them. If we do not find a solution, the most humane side would be to put them to sleep. We really do not find that right and would be happy to receive any help. There are not many monkeys left in Grenada, and those who are still here should be protected

































































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