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Lift the Miami Pitbull Ban!

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Several people are aware that the Pitbull Ban across the nation is biased and very disheartening to those who love their pitties as if they were their own kids. Pitbull ban shows support of stereotyping and prejudice. Not only that, but several people are misinformed and try to argue that by banning breeds associated with the American Pitbull Terrier will help the prevention of frequent attacks, which I, along with many others, disagree with. People will continue to purchase and breed Pitbulls whether they are legal or not, much like the alcohol ban in the early 1900's. This will make the problem much worse, with owners unable to legally care for their pooches, many will suffer problems that can lead to aggression, and even death of the beloved pet. 

Pitbulls like every other dog become products of their environment and owners. Many of these dogs have been bred to be outstanding working dogs, or wonderful family companions. But the other half has been bred to be bait dogs, and fighting dogs. These beautiful creatures are often forced to fight until death, or until someone decides it is over. Many of the dogs that do not win are brutally killed, often by gun shots, electrocution, starvation, and many other cruel ways. Like I mentioned above, these dogs are products of the people who raise them and the environments they are brought up in. I have seen firsthand, that even when abused and neglected, these breeds continue to offer love and lots of licks!!

Please help me lift the ban in Miami where lots of people are at risk of having their babies taken from them and sentenced to death for NO reason. Miami is a very diverse city, and the mere fact that the city is already stereotyping a dog based on its breed is subjected to complaints from its residents and those who love to visit the city. 

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