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Brunel University: Offer a permanent teaching position to the English lecturer Madeleine Wood

Madeleine Wood, English lecturer at Brunel University, will be leaving at the end of this academic year. A number of concerns have been raised by students about Madeleine's leaving and this petition aims to raise our concerns to the University faculty. Myself and a number of my peers agree that Madeleine is an extremely valuable asset to the English department. She is engaging and informative in her teaching, and extremely knowledgable in her areas of expertise. Many of us feel that she is absolutely vital to the success of our degrees. 

Please sign the petition and help keep Madeleine at Brunel!

Some comments from other students:

"Madeleine has to stay. She's one of the best lecturers here!!! "

"and gosh I need her for my Jane Austen special project since she is as raving mad as I am about her.."

"She's one of the better tutors we have at Brunel. Infinitely more approachable."

"I'm in she needs to stay life at Brunel without her would be bleak and crappy x"

"That's a shame she has been really inspirational to a lot of people and I know some people are relying on her guidance for their special projects next year"

" I learnt far more with Madeleine! I actually felt like I was being taught! She needs to stay!"

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